Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Angola can live the dream, if they beat Iran, and if Portugal beats Mexico.
"Iran has been eliminated," says the commentator.
True, they only play for honors, but considering their two defeats so far, they will fight for it.
The match starts shaky, for both teams. Passes fail to connect, and possession switches frequently.
Iran is the first to test the waters. A striker passes the ball, through two defenders, to his teammate left of the goal. His teammate strikes the ball from a sharp angle. The window is too small, the keeper blocks the shot.
Angola first attempt is a long shot of thirty meters, still the keeper needs to stretch in the grass to stop it.
Both teams grow in the game. They still loose possession, but it is not as clumsy as before.
Portugal is leading the other game, is the latest news.
Angolan fans are on their feet, out-roaring the many horns in the stands.
An Angolan defender takes a ball in his privates, to save it of the line. He lifted his right left for a moment, but his face never flinched.
I hear trumpets playing 'We are the champions'. They could be fans from either country.
Angola rides the momentum and demands a role in the game.
Iran answers with fouls, surprised with the spirit of Angola. The game seems to balance out again while Iran tests the Angolan keeper with a high cross to the goal. The keeper stumps it out.
The second half is extended with five minutes of stoppage time, I believe that is a first this tournament.
Angola uses the time to take a long shot of twenty meters. The Iranian keeper stretches his hands in front of his face and blocks the ball with his the palm of his hands. Minutes later Angola rewards the Iranian keeper with an elbow to the face. The tension rises.
"Good fortune might be lurking here, for Angola," says the commentator at the start of the second half. "It is a miracle they still are alive, now they need a goal."
Iran wants a goal too, and they fire a long-range shot. The Angolan keeper stumps the ball with his fist away from the tip of his nose, the ball knocks him off balance.
"That's a bullet," says the commentator.
In the fifty-ninth minute another world cup story is born. Angola sends a ball to the deep far right. A striker sends it, on his turn, high across the face of the penalty box. Another striker, on his turn, cleanly heads the ball in the right corner of the goal.


The Angolan fans, on their turn, take down the roof. Angola is going of their rockets.
The commentator speculates on a possible match up with either Argentina or Holland, in the next round. The world of group D is on its head, and Angola is dancing around it.
Iran halts the party when they equalize in the seventy-fifth minute. An Iranian striker heads a corner in as cleanly as the first goal of Angola.

A defender of Angola argues with his keeper, they probably discuss the positioning.
"It is a crushing blow for Angola," says the commentator while Iran attacks again.
The game stays at a draw, not a bad result for either. Still Iran goes home, they will not be partying.
Angola dropped from an extreme high, and it never could recover.
Their dream lived wildly, before it ran into an Iranian truck.